Thursday, April 5, 2012


Dozens of house shows, one shitty EP, and months of recording/mixing/remixing/mixing remixes, are culminating tomorrow night on South Willard St. Yes, this is our album release show, complete with local favorite bands Keppe Rub, the Slopsters, and dj sets by the Engine Ear. Blast off round 9 PM, $5 for entrance + CD. Making this record has been a long, fun, tiring process, and we can't wait to share it with the rest of Burlington.
Hoping that tomorrow's performance and the actual album will speak for themselves, this post will be a short one. We hope to see you there, and we hope you dig Beach/Trash, which we'll make available for streaming this weekend.
It was summer a few weeks ago, which I think means spring is on its way. 
Enjoy the weather while it's still around. 
Fridge and the Spins

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, it's about damn time.
Fridge and the Spins will be releasing Beach/Trash to the huddled masses on Friday, April 6th, at one of Burlington's favorite new house venues. Keppe Rub and our good old friends The Slopsters will join in the madness. This is the event of the 21st century so we recommend marking it down on your calendars nice n' early so as to avoid ANY confusion.
Here's a track from the Beach/Trash sessions that didn't make the album, but you may enjoy anyway. Bonus points if you can identify the special guest.
More info on the release soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

bah bah

happy valentine's day.
the album isn't quite finished.
just buy her flowers.
but here's a little something extra in case that doesn't cut it. (thank billy)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feliz cumpleaƱo$

Well folks, it seems that Fridge has really sold out and become corporate whores. Paid gigs and a forthcoming album where most instruments and lyrics are audible have really caused us to question the validity of our collective existence. We haven't come to a conclusion.
What we have come to is a nearly-finished album that'll be burning holes in your mediafire account just in time to make the perfect Valentine's Day present. As a seasonal treat it is comprised entirely of love ballads and a Frank Sinatra guest appearance on lead guitar in our cover of Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck." Play track 12 backwards on Windows Media Player to get the full effect.
Thanks so much to Bumpin Jones and everybody who came out on the schoolest of school nights to boogie with us at Nectars. Neither the crowd nor the gravy fries disappointed in the slightest.
This weekend we'll be hitting the road to visit dear friend Kristofer Giordano and all of Quinnipiac University to show them what basements in Burlington, VT (circa, like, a couple months ago) sound(ed) like. The unrelenting excitement is burning a hole through all of New England, not dissimilar to that which expelled Dinosaurs from the earth several decades ago.
Next weekend (10 February) we'll be returning to Maglianero (they serve coffee and punk rock) to play the Vantage Point release show. Bring your skateboard (ask them first though, I'm not sure that the ramp will be open and I don't want it on me if you wind up disappointed).
Sam will be saving the world for a couple of weeks after that. What a guy. Ironically, his heart is bleeding so much that Central America now has yet another canal wreaking inter-oceanic economic imperialism and misery. Nice work bud.
If you dislike having a good time then February 24th will be the worst night of your life, as the two biggest bands in representing Church St barista/musicians join forces to sonically and physically destroy the Radio Bean, midnight - 2 AM. Super Bonheur & F$.
Like the rest of the world, we will be celebrating the leap year at Brennan's from 2 - 3 PM.
Notice the lack of basement shows? I hadn't until I mentioned it, but now I just can't seem to think of anything else. Hopefully come March that'll be a horse of a different color, but our hearts do go out to those still throwing down and to the casualties of past noise violations that are now exercising more caution and restraint before opening their homes to police brutality. Anyway, we're looking forward to partying with you soon. Let's make it happen.
We've been trying not to make a big deal about it by never mentioning it, but Harrison recently celebrated a very exciting birthday. You did it, big guy.
Ok that's enough.
- Edward.

Monday, November 7, 2011

a daylight saved

This Friday.
One night only.
A place so close to our hearts.
Such an ambiguous distance from God.
Thought gone.
Triumphantly returns.
This shit is so secret.
We can't even write about it in complete sentences.
But sometimes they just make more sense.

On an unrelated note, Cheri's Place will be hosting Nelsonvillains, Wind-up Bird, and Evil Pit Bastards on Tuesday, November 15th.

You will never be the same.

Enjoy these sunny mornings, these dark late afternoons.

Billings was sublime.

-Friggin the spin$.